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NFT monetization

Your bridge to the metaverse An anonymous uncensored social network where users own NFT content personally

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Which is recorded on the blockchain as non-fungible token (NFT) after creating.
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NFT monetization

An advanced solution for monetizing NFTs in the form of "unlockable content”. The owner of the NFT is able to set a price for viewing it, and in turn can profit from any users that are interested in it.

Why Crypto.Page?

100% anonimity
Cross-chain platform
Without censorship
Without tracking and

Decentralized Identity

Instant messaging. Is an easy-to-use, peer-to-peer, and end-to-end encrypted that easily allows you to comunicate two blockchain addresses without being bugged. While other well-known services require registration, Crypto.Page requires only wallet.
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Soulbound Tokens

Is a reputation token of the Crypto.Page ecosystem that is issued to the user when performing certain actions on the social network. For each of the types of actions performed by the user, there are separate types of reputation tokens. The totality of the Page.SoulBound tokens on the user's account describes their reputation on the Crypto.Page network - their social capital.

How it works?