Cross-chain Decentralized social network

White paper


Crypto.Page is a decentralized cross-chain uncensored social network that supports Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, Solana.
Users pay fees, which amount depends on the chosen blockchain in return for PAGE tokens for each action on Crypto.Page platform (content publishing, content rating, name confirming, or getting ambassador status).

All published content creates and remains as non-fungible tokens (NFT) that can be auctioned, transferred or burned while committing PAGE tokens. NFT creator receives a percentage from each resale of efforts in PAGE tokens, as well as from other actions, for example, by content rating. Due to the decentralized nature of the social network, only the content owner can delete (burn) the published content.


In the modern world, traditional social networks can no longer provide us with the adequate level of privacy. Censoring published materials provokes users' distrust of social networks and other things that are published on the World Wide Web in general. This attitude is due to the fact that any information shared on the Internet can be censored, in most cases even contrary to justice and common sense. Deleting posts or blocking users is possible just because of a disagreement with the service owner, who has the right to act on online-platform in his own sweet ways. Previously, we could meet this in dictatorial regimes, however, users of social networks often have to take sides that contradict their views even now.

Creation reasons

Crypto.Page is a tool which provides free communication, exchange and sale of digitized items.
Crypto.Page project offers users complete anonymity without censorship. At the same time, each participant will be able to interact only with real people, thanks to the publishing of content on a paid basis. When creating any content on Crypto.Page platform, the user has to pay a network fee for fixing the content in the blockchain, after which no one except the owner can delete or change it.

In centralized social networks, the user, on the contrary, is practically not responsible for the published items. Therefore, the Internet is teeming with free useless information with bots and fake individuals posting meaningless posts.

The niche of social networks and entertainment content has great prospects only if they are decentralized completely. Therefore, there is no doubt that Crypto.Page, the first decentralized social cross-chain network, will be popular. There is freedom of action here and only the user-creator of the content disposes of it himself and also carrier financial liable for the publication.
The goal of Crypto.Page is to revolutionize in several directions at once: social networks and digital art, using modern technologies and developments. Content creators will be able to get PAGE Token reward for rating their own content by other users (comments, likes and dislikes).
All content published on the platform can be sold by the owner, both on the internal Crypto.Page auction, and on any other NFT marketplace, or simply transfer it to another user. PAGE tokens are awarded for every transfer of content from one owner to another.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts technical description

  • The smart contract is deployed to store comments and ratings of a single ERC721 token in the blockchain without the possibility of removal.
  • The smart contract allows you to create comments, get an identifier list of comments, get comments on the identifier list, get all comments as well as get identifier comments.
  • It is the smart contract which stores link ERC721 address, tokenId, and CryptoPageComment address.
  • The smart contract allows you to get the CryptoPageComment address of the specific ERC721 token, as well as create a CryptoPageComment smart contract and save its address.
  • When creating a comment with CryptoPageCommentMinter, PAGE tokens are minted.
  • The contract is deployed to create, burn, and transfer ERC721 tokens. Up to 80% of the amount of gas spent on the transaction is refunded in PAGE tokens for every action.
  • It is PAGE token smart contract that makes use of ERC20 standard. In addition to the common features, it has the getWETHUSDTPrice and getUSDTPAGEPrice ones that refund the token price from the UniswapV3 / UniswapV2 pool/pair.
  • There is the formula for calculating the emission total amount with each feature below:
    gasLeft * gasPrice * WETH USDT Price * USDT PAGE Price * 0.8

User Flows

NFT creation:

  • Reward distribution in PAGE
  • 10% => to Treasury Wallet.
  • 45% => to creator.
  • 45% => to recipient.

NFT comments:

  • Reward distribution in PAGE:
  • 10% => to Treasury Wallet.
  • 45% => to creator.
  • 45% => to recipient.

NFT burning:

  • To burn NFT, you need to own the equivalent
  • of 90% of transaction gas cost in PAGE tokens
  • + double-spend gas cost for comment.

NFT transfer:

  • 10% => to Treasury Wallet.
  • 45% => to creator.
  • 45% => to recipient.

Tokens and financial model

Tokens received by Treasury wallet will be distributed as follows:

Initial supply of 50,000,000 PAGE

will be distributed among liquidity pools of centralized and decentralized platforms