Why PAGE ?

PAGE is the main token of Crypto.Page metaverse which you can get in return for content creation. This one allows you to buy, sell, delete content and assets within the ecosystem.


PAGE is a utility token used all over the Crypto.Page ecosystem for transactions and interactions. This utility multichain token aimed to motivate content authors to create and promote their ideas in the Crypto.Page ecosystem. There is a limited emission of 50,000,000 PAGE tokens as a part of public offering PAGE tokens on centralized and decentralized exchange services.

Key metrics

Initial Token Supply
Total Token Supply
Launchpad Sale Price
0,01 usd

What is "Crypto.Page"

Your bridge to the metaverse

When publishing content in the Crypto.Page decentralized app, you automatically create an NFT which can be just about anything you publish digitally. This includes paragraph text, documentation, game item, image, video, music. However, only content creator has every right to sell or remove content.

Your bridge to the metaverse

Because of content publication needs material costs in the form of network fee, Crypto.Page refunds fractional amount in PAGE tokens. Social network users will be rewarded with internal tokens for every action such as posting, commenting, content rating, auctioning, and others.

Let's monetize your own time on the
platform by getting PAGE

Create content
you can get PAGE when creating content like phrases, photos, videos, and many others
Rate content
comment on other authors and get paid for it with PAGE
Promote your ideas
you also get PAGE when getting feedback from other users
Advertise your presence in Crypto.Page
advertise your presence in Crypto.Page and get PAGE
Join an ambassador
become an ambassador and get special rewards
Participate in an auction
put your art up for auction

How it works?